Booth Babe!


Kristin Booth delivers star turns at the Toronto International Film Festival

Text by: Noreen Flanagan

Don't even try to typecast Kristin Booth. This fall, the Toronto-based actress shows off her acting chops in three wildly different roles. She plays a sexually frustrated married woman in the comedy Young People F*cking (YPF), a bipolar crack addicted prostitute in the film This Beautiful City and a virgin with a degree in romantic poetry in the new CBC television series MVP. ELLE caught up with Booth a few weeks before her films were released at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Let's start with YPF. What's with that title?

"When I received the script, my first response was 'I can't do this movie because my mom will kill me!' I also thought, 'Is this the kind of film I want on my resume?' I don't want people mistaking me for a porn star!'

[YPF follows five stories about four couples and a threesome who get it on one night. There's "The Couple," whose romance has fizzled; "The Friends," who mistakenly think they can have an uncomplicated bonk; "The Exes," who opt for an old-times’-sake session in the sack; "The First Date," where two players tangle; and "The Roommates," who engage in a menage a trois.]

What made you decide that this was the film for you?

"It had been years since I laughed out loud reading a script. Immediately, I thought, 'I want to do this.' It was so well written and true to life."

What did your family and husband think?

"When I told my mother the title, she wasn't impressed, but I also told her not to worry because she wouldn't be seeing the film. I also told my in-laws that this is a 'no-gosee!' My husband is in the industry - he's a screenwriter - so he knows the business; he's pretty excited to see YPF because it's a really fun comedy."

Did you audition to play the married young woman?

"I auditioned for 'The Exes,' but they said they wanted to cast me as Abby. I was like, 'Who is she?' They said, 'Well, Abby's the one who straps on the dildo.' At first, I said, 'Oooh, nooo, I don't want to play her!' But after I chatted with my agent, we decided that it's like the apple-pie scene in American Pie. It's a great script, so you just kind of say 'Whatever-I'm game.'"

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