'TATI'S HOTEL' (a new kids live action series) OPENS FOR BUSINESS !


Grab your toothbrush, pack your pyjamas, pick up your suitcase and check into the most unusual establishment in town when Tati's Hotel opens for business on TVO on line at TVOKids.com on May 16, 2011 - with conventional broadcasts beginning May 31st at 5:00pm. (The series will air in its regular slot Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm and Sundays at 10:10 am. )

An International co-production between Canada and Wales for TVO in Canada and CITV in Wales, Tati's Hotel stars newcomer Mya-Lecia Naylor (UK) as TATI. Canadians Yaari Magenheim (LINNY) , and Jake Raymond (BOPPER) round out the live action cast with Elinor Crawley (DIZZEE) and Tom Turner (MR SNAPWEAZLE) from Wales. This brand new 26 x 11' live action series mixes in with this cast several Puppet characters as well (CHESTER, ALEX, CUCKOO & OTIS) for some extra fun in the magic of the Hotel – and features the trials and tribulations of young entrepreneur Tati as she tries to control the chaos in the liveliest hotel around .

Eight-year-old TATI may look like a normal girl but she has a very unusual job. For Tati is the manager of her very own hotel – a colourful, magical place staffed by children and puppets -where the number one rule is to have fun. As guests from all around the world – and beyond - come through the revolving doors, Tati and her team dedicate themselves to making them welcome. Providing snobbish assistant manager Mr Snapweazle (Tom Turner) doesn't get to them first....

Tati's employees are an eclectic bunch of characters. There's LINNY the lively handyman-boy, BOPPER the back-flipping bellboy and DIZZEE the disorganised chambermaid plus puppets - ALEXANDER the antique phone, CUCKOO the nosey clock bird and CHESTER the faithful hotel cat. Oh and OTIS the talking elevator ('Well of course I talk!! I don't know an elevator who doesn't.)

But if you think the staff are unusual, you should see the guests! Checking into Tati's Hotel for this first Season are a princess-in-training, a visiting alien, a world famous basketball player and a ghostly knight. Oh and a Pirate plus a few more…. As each guest brings a different set of challenges, Tati and her team do their best to ensure they have a wonderful stay – and they might just learn something along the way.

"Tati's Hotel is quirky and vibrant - with a lovely visual style and great comedy," says Executive Producer Jane Steventon. "Young viewers are going to fall in love with Tati and her friends as they go about their daily business of running the craziest hotel around. And they'll never quite know who's going to be the next guest through that revolving door.'

'And we have to bow to the wonderful use of Puppet characters in this series with our Hotel staff as they make TATI'S HOTEL a unique and entrancing world for kids to come visit. Canada's puppet community is one of the best and so we have drawn on their talents once more, ' adds Heather Haldane Executive Producer from Screen Door.

"We're thrilled to premiere Tati's Hotel in North America," says Patricia Ellingson, Creative Head of Children's Media at TVO. "We take pride in bringing our viewers something unique in the television landscape: it's one of the few live-action series being developed and produced for the 4- to 7-year-old audience. Kids will enjoy the fun and adventure each episode brings, and parents will appreciate how Tati's Hotel encourages important life skills in kids such as taking initiative, working together to problem-solve, and being open to new things and new experiences."

Filmed in a studio in Cardiff Wales, the series is produced by Cardiff based Machine Productions and Toronto-based Screen Door. Tati's Hotel is a co-production for Canada's TVO (Pat Ellingson) and CITV (Jamila Metran) in the UK. The director is Delyth Thomas (Tracy Beaker, The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury, Holby City) and the producers/exec producers are Jane Dauncey, Jane Steventon, Heather Haldane and Mary Young Leckie.

This series would not be possible as well without financial support from Shaw Rocket Fund, the Canada Media Fund *CMF, Telefilm, the OMDC via the Ontario Film and TV Tax Credit (OFTTC) and web funding from Bell New Media (Low Budget) Fund.

Screen Door and Machine Productions also acknowledge the support of the Wales IP Fund and the DeMinimus Fund in Wales as well.

Website: www.tatishotel.com - 'live' as of May 16th !!

For further information: Contact;
Heather Haldane
via Development@screendoor.org
416 479-4162 ext 1225

Angela Garde
TVO Communications
416.484.2600 x 2305

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