4 Hour Mini-Series 2007

An eclectic and combative mix of Canadians go to climb the world's tallest and most historic peak. Laurie Skreslet has just lost his best friend in a climbing accident near Banff that he believes was his fault. As the expedition treks through the dramatic Nepalese countryside toward Everest the angry conflicts between the Expedition leaders do little to reassure the deep doubts Laurie has about climbing and the guilt he feels over his friend's death.

No sooner are they on the mountain than a huge avalanche kills three of them. Two days later, a collapse of ice seracs crushes another. The media turns against them, the sponsors cut off supplies and tell them to come home. The mountain is too unstable. Half of the climbers leave. As the rest are about to go, Laurie digs deep to find inspiration and becomes convinced they must go on. Inspired by the ghosts of past climbs, deaths and triumphs, he and a small group decide to give it one last try.

Climb DVD Cover