Prom Queen


TV Movie 2004

Marc Hall just wants to have fun. The 17-year-old Catholic schoolboy is a live wire and a bit of a showboat. His positive attitude and self-confidence allowed him, at the tender age of 15, to come out to friends and family.

A popular guy, Marc has avoided much of the usual harassment a gay kid in a working class town would face. In fact he's never been in a fight in his life. That is, until his principal tells him he can't bring his boyfriend to the prom...

Suddenly, Marc is fighting not only for his right to PARTY, but for the rights of gay teens everywhere to be themselves. But when the media swarms and the Supreme Court descends, will Marc still be up for the battle?

This light-hearted tempest in a teapot dares to ask the 21st-century-question:

Will "Cinderfella" make it to the prom on time?