Tatis Hotel


TV Series 2011

Eight-year-old TATI may look like a normal girl but she has a very unusual job. For Tati is the manager of her very own hotel - a colourful, magical place staffed by children and puppets -where the number one rule is to have fun. As guests from all around the world - and beyond - come through the revolving doors, Tati and her team dedicate themselves to making them welcome. Providing snobbish assistant manager Mr Snapweazle (Tom Turner) doesn't get to them first...

Tati's employees are an eclectic bunch of characters. There's LINNY the lively handyman-boy, BOPPER the back-flipping bellboy and DIZZEE the disorganised chambermaid plus puppet characters - ALEXANDER the antique phone, CUCKOO the nosey clock bird and CHESTER the faithful hotel cat. Oh and OTIS the talking elevator ("Well of course I talk!! I don't know an elevator who doesn't").

But if you think the staff are unusual, you should see the guests! Checking into Tati's Hotel for this first Season are a princess-in-training, a visiting alien, a world famous basketball player and a ghostly knight. Oh and a Pirate plus a few more...well you better just watch ! As each guest brings a different set of challenges, Tati and her team do their best to ensure they have a wonderful stay - and they might just learn something along the way. This series is pro-social and inspires fun and acceptance. 26 x 11 minutes on TVO for Season 1.